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Continuing Education Programs

For a continuing education program to be approved in Louisiana, the program content and material must fall within the scope of practice as defined by Louisiana law for licensed massage therapists. LA R.S. 37:3552 (10) gives the definition and scope of practice for Louisiana massage therapists. Please ensure that your program meets these requirements.

You may complete an online program application by clicking on "Need an Account?" in the User Login box located on the right side of this page.  You may pay your fees online with your debit or credit care once you have created your account and completed your application.

We strongly recommend that you utilize the online application as response times are much quicker. You may however, if you choose, apply via the manual method. Click here to print a manual application to be mailed to the board office for approval.

Once your CE program is approved, it is good for the duration of your two year provider term. When the provider term expires, all of your CE programs expire as well. You must re-submit any previously approved programs you wish to continue with the new provider term. To learn more about the rules regulating providers and programs click here .

Thank you for providing quality educational services to licensed massage therapists in Louisiana!