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Provider Requirements

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a continuing education provider and/or continuing education program provider with the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy. Louisiana state licensed massage therapists may obtain valid CE credits only through providers and programs approved by the Board. We appreciate your interest in providing this service to Louisiana massage therapists. Board approved CE providers serve the public interest by promoting and enhancing professional standards and competence.

In Louisiana, a CE Provider pays $100.00 to offer CE Programs for two (2) years. Included in the one hundred dollar ($100) fee is the registration of two (2) continuing education programs which are identified in the initial Provider registration form. During the term of the providership, the provider may submit additional CE programs at a cost of fifty dollars  ($50.00) per program. The programs are good for the two (2) year term of the provider and must be submitted to the board fifteen (15) days prior to the date of on which the CE Program will be taught. The program/programs may be taught as often as the provider wishes within the two (2) year term. All continuing education programs will expire with the term of the providership regardless of the date of submission of the program(s). 

Within thirty (30) days after the program, the provider must submit to the board attendance records which include the name, license number and date of attendance for each attendee and the provider number, program name, assigned program number and number of CEU hours. Submission of attendance records may be by mail or on line through the board website.

The CE programs and presenters must meet the board requirements set forth in Louisiana law. Click here to view LBMT law regulating CE Providers and Programs.

To apply, click here .